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My Magic Carpet of Films:
A Personal Journey in the Motion Picture Industry 1916-2000

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"When Micky offers a ride on his personal magic carpet of films, I'd say that it's definitely a ride worth taking. He's seen cinema unfold from its humble beginnings and I can hardly imagine a better tour guide through the storied history of movie magic."
  -  George Lucas, Producer/Director

"Micky Moore was always more than a second unit director. He was a movie maker with an historic perspective and deep respect for American film."
  -  Steven Spielberg, Producer/Director

"One of the unheralded heroes of the picture business. Micky Moore has covered virtually the entire history of the movies, from a child actor in silents and a spell as De Mille's assistant, to second unit director on Patton and Indiana Jones. You can just imagine how packed with incident his book is!"
  -  Kevin Brownlow, Film Historian

"As a mentor, friend and master moviemaker, Micky has taken us on a journey of more than four decades of enthralling adventures. It is such a pleasure to share them again and have these memories to cherish forever."
  -  Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, Producers

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